About offers a web-based application that enables our customers to create, edit, and proof digital print files over the Internet. We develop and implement custom procurement programs for our corporate identity printing customers. Our solution will address all of the corporate identity printing needs across your organization.

Our system uses...
...the latest database, graphics and e-commerce technologies to provide our customers with a simple, easy to use on-line procurement process. This process can save up to 75% of the time usually spent by customers ordering these materials.

Our customers pay nothing extra to use this system. The only costs are the costs of the print items being ordered. Our network of affiliated printers manufactures these items. Our system also produces dramatic process improvements on the manufacturing end, resulting in manufacturing cost savings that enable us to deliver very competitive prices to our customers. We also promise shipment of all customized print items within five business days of the order.

We create unique secure web sites for each of our customers,...
...hosted by us, accessible to anyone with internet access, but restricted to authorized users by username/password.

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